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  • Shanghai Tricases Plastics Technology Co., Ltd, established in the year of 2012 in Shanghai, is specialized in manufactering watertight hard plastic equipment cases. The brand name TRICASES means cases for navy, army and air force. Absorbing the advanced technology of world-class and rich experience in designing and manufacturering, Tricases now has three-series cases: Injection molded cases, Rack cases and Air-drop cases.


    "Durable, waterproof sealing, lightweight and flexible", these features make Tricases widely used in military, diving, radio and television, photography, electronic information, broadcasting marine diving, outdoor activities, public security, fire law enforcement, government and military procurement, aerospace and other fields. "The performance of the armed forces for" safety box of high impact resistance, deformation provides the most reliable safety protection to the customer goods, its excellent sealing and weather resistance, make again difficult muddy road also need not fear, provides the best solutions for packaging and transportation of precision equipment and apparatus.


    Also Tricases has already been the appointed supplier of China's military, which is a convincing proof that Tricases is worthy your trust.




    Tricases Plastics Technology Co., Ltd.


    Address: No.28 Changbangcun Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China