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(01) Patent spring lock, the military standard opening silent, labor saving, convenient to open

(02) Back to the waterproof sealing ring, good elasticity, low temperature resistance, low temperature of -40 DEG C can work normally

(03) Unique integral anti drop axis hinge design, firm and not turning

(04) Waterproof plug - customized label groove

(05) Waterproof breathable valve breathing, waterproof pressure 21 PA, ensure the body inside and outside pressure balance

(06) Ergonomic design of soft handle, feel more comfortable, suitable for long time load pull

(07) Ultra quiet roller, strong bearing 80 kilograms

(09) The box slot design, convenient installation, fixed panel

(09) The upper cover groove design, antiskid and convenient multi box stacking

(10) Box fixing hole, suitable for customers, such as screen fixed instrument panel

(11) Sling hole design, convenient client installation strap

(12) The password lock, double protection

(13) The lengthened rod, accord with human body engineering

(14) Integral DIY sponge, custom EVA