M2200 Small Sized Hard Plastic Case

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  • Name:M2200 Small Sized Hard Plastic Case
  • Category:
  • Type:M2200
  • Color:Black/Yellow/Orange
  • Internal(MM):381*267*152
  • External(MM):413*328*168
  • Wheel:No
  • Pull Rod:No
  • Weight(KG):2.3
  • Lining:Pre-cut foam
  • Depth:48/104




Model M2200
Product Name M2200 instrument box / kit / suitcase / explosion-proof box / waterproof box
Internal dimensions of 381 * 267 * 152mm
External dimensions 413 * 328 * 168mm
Material modified PP plastic
Cabinet Weight 2.3kg
Waterproof to IP67
Box lined with PU sponge pre-split / EVA carving cotton / other materials customized
Box label PVClogo label / can be customized
Wheels / trolley no
Case color black / yellow / Army Green
Operating temperature 90 ℃ - 40 ℃ below zero

Product Features:
Specialty plastics raw materials modified PP
Characteristics of strong resistance to deformation / shock resistance, low temperature, weather resistance, waterproof and dustproof anti-static
Anti-tank off the long axis of the shaft hinge (stainless steel shaft)
Ventilation valve proof, waterproof, dustproof pressure regulating valve
Lock patent silent (military standard) spring lock (aerospace aluminum pin)
Solid seal waterproof ultra low temperature strength and resilience
Box bearing 80-120kg
Comfort Grip handle double plastic bag label slot groove instrument tag
Insert slots for instrument panel fixing strap / keyhole have
Operating temperature -40 ℃ to 90 ℃ shelters / box containing fixed stud